What to Wear

‘What should we wear?’ is one of the most often asked questions of a photographer. My best piece of advice is to keep it simple, but for a little more information, below is a quick reference to get you started. For on-location sessions, there is always a creative way to change outfits, so I suggest to bring one or two changes of clothes. I am always willing to chat on the phone about planning your wardrobe, so feel free to give me a call or send me an email.:)

Maternity- This may seem obvious but *wear what feels comfortable and what makes you feel pretty*! You don’t want to spend a couple hours moving in and out of poses and trying to look like a pregnant goddess in a meadow wearing those pants that are just a little bit too tight. Beyond that, have available white, neutral and black tops, preferably tanks and tees. For the most part, tops that hug your belly work best. For more intimate images, wearing your husband’s button up dress shirt (unbuttoned!), using scarves and pieces of flowing fabric are great too.

Newborns- Generally, newborns are photographed undressed (taking care to keep certain areas covered:)), but you may also want to have a couple of your favorite little outfits on-hand. Simple knit diaper covers and hats are nice touches. If mom and dad plan on being photographed, plan to have on hand white, neutral and black tops, preferably tanks and tees.

Children- Dress children in classic, comfortable outfits. Try to avoid neon bright colors and anything with writing on it. Think solid colors or subtle patterns. I will probably suggest they kick their shoes off at some point. Fun scarves, vests and hats are a great way to add a little fun to their outfit. Stiff shoes, tights and formal dresses can photograph well, but be sure to pack an additional outfit as these clothes aren’t conducive to casual interactions and moving around comfortably.

Senior Portraits- I suggest students having their senior portraits done bring several outfits. From casual to dress-up, sports or dance wear, however you want to express who you are at this exciting time in your life! There is no limit on outfit changes, but if we are out on a trail, you may be forced to use a port-a-potty or have your mom hold up a blanket while you change behind it. 😉

Families- Dressing your family for a portrait session doesn’t mean you have to run to Eddie Bauer and get everyone matching jeans and white tops. The key to family portraits is to dress in complementary colors, not necessarily matching. Jeans are always great. Think of choosing a couple color families, for examples blues and browns or grays and purples. Don’t worry about each family member matching an exact hue of blue. Try to avoid heavy color contrast between family members, especially when wearing white or black. Dressing this way allows the focus of these portraits to be smiling faces and natural interactions, not the clothing.